We have created a bridge between the traditional investment
market and the blockchain universe.
Somos una firma de asesoramiento financiero
especializada en inversión en tecnología blockchain


The digitalization of money is imminent.
This a generational investment opportunity.
With exponential growth potential.

choose us?

Highly qualified professionals with both traditional and crypto backgrounds
We work 24/7 in order to maximize return.
Our portfolio works to outperform indexes and benchmarks
Investment Thesis

Innovation cycle

Blockchain technology is in its nascent phase and has a huge growth potential

New Asset Class

Cryptoassets are increasingly recognized as a new financial asset class by most respected fund managers


Given their zero correlation with traditional investment instruments, cryptoassets are ideal to be included in an investment portfolio.

Active management

Active portfolio management provides flexibility to profit from both uptrends and downtrends
Investment Strategy
Highly diversified portfolio of cryptoassets, with a long term capital growth investment horizon.

Return Optimization

We use investment decision tools that maximize returns for a moderate level of risk

Portfolio Management

Actively traded portfolio, we seek to outperform MVIS CryptoCompare Digital Assets 10 Index, which accounts for the 10 most important cryptoassets by marketcap

Portfolio assignment

We assign around 2/3 of the portfolio to long term investment positions. The remaining 1/3 is more actively traded
Investment Decision Process

Fundamental Analysis

In depth analysis of the project, scalability, organization, team, market appeal, value proposal, implementation and code.

Technical Analysis

We use chart analysis to identify optimal entry and exit points

Quantitative Analysis

We use algorithms in order to optimize assets weighs for a moderate risk/return ratio of the overall portfolio.


Damián Riavitz

Fund Strategist

Emiliano Sánchez

Head of Operations / Trader

Ezequiel Kemelmajer

Head of Portfolio / Trader

Pablo Lipstein

Fund Sales & Marketing

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